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What to look for when choosing a car transport service

Whether you are embarking on the cross country road trip of a lifetime or you are moving to start another life in a gorgeously sunny location, our vehicles are that prized piece of home familiarity we wish to take with us. Often, transporting your vehicle overseas or across long distances is something best left to the professionals. For this reason, BSM Car Transport is on hand to detail to you exactly what you should be looking out for when choosing a car transport service to handle your treasured vehicle. 


Experience: The prospective vehicle transport companies you are considering ought to be industry-renowned and extensively experienced; this ensures the competent handling of your car whilst in their care. An experienced business will know exactly how to handle and care for a considerable number of diverse makes and models, your specific model included; more so, the business will have the means and equipment to best care for them. 


Services: When enquiring about a companies specific car transport services, you should firstly decipher if they can hand a vehicle of your vehicle’s specification and your unique requirements; and if they can deliver the vehicle to your desired destination. For example, the team at BSM is proud to offer the transport of Race Car Transport, Classic Car Transport, Single Car / Multi-Car Transport and Dedicated Cover Car Transport – amongst various other services including roadside recovery. 


Insurance: One of the most important aspects to consider when deciding between transportation companies is the intricate details of the business’s insurance policy. Companies offering car transportation ought to have solid insurance to make them credible and worthy of consideration to transport your vehicle. This is something that can be detailed to you further upon enquiry. 


Price: Finding a great deal is in the drivers’ best interest and is what sets two businesses apart when advertising their car transportation services. BSM Car Transport is proud to offer exceptional pricing on all of the services we provide – be sure to contact us today for your bespoke transportation quote!


Equipment: Credible car transportation services will have amassed vast quantities of quality transport equipment to ensure the careful handling of their customer’s vehicles. BSM Car Transport includes everything from an extensive range of over 50 open and closed transporters to enclosed transporters that will contribute to the protection of cleanliness and paintwork – something favoured amongst classic car fanatics. 


Why Choose BSM Car Transport?


BSM is proud to offer an extensive range of transportation services for various cars, both nationally and internationally. Having amassed many years experience, our expert team are on hand to competently fulfil all of your transport needs.

From car shipping, collection and delivery to vehicle recovery from anywhere in the UK, you need not look further for a car transportation company. To enquire further regarding any of the services offered by BSM Car Transport, contact the team today – our equipment, expertise and experience are second to none. 

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