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Tips For Classic Car Transport Overseas

Whether you are embarking on the road trip of a lifetime or off to showcase your beloved model at a prestigious international Classic Car show, you need to be confident in the transportation service you are entrusting with your vehicle. Negligence can result in devastation – your vehicle should be cared for with the utmost respect and consideration whilst in the car of a transportation business. As transportation experts, BSM Car Transport are on hand to detail helpful tips and advice for owners when looking to transport their Classic Car overseas. 


What Is Classic Car Transport?


Classic Car Transport is the same as the transportation of regular vehicles, however with additional consideration and tailoring to ensure the protection of the prestige model in transit. With Classic Car Transport, additional attention will be given to ensuring the secure and discreet transit of the valuable vehicle inside while eliminating the risk of any damage. 


What To Look For From A Classic Car Transport Service


Insurance: As you will be entrusting them with your cherished vehicle, it is of the utmost importance that the business you choose is fully insured to complete the task. Comprehensive insurance, combined with covered trailers, makes for a transit business you can be confident in.


Covered Transit: Vintage and Classical vehicles can be invaluable and more susceptible to irreparable damage due to their age. For this reason, it is crucial to choose a car transport service that will enclose your vehicle when it is in transit – to minimise the risk of paint damage, getting dirt, being targeted by thieves etc. 


Experience: An experienced business will be equipped with modern, fully enclosed transportation technology to safely and securely transport high-value cars. Moreso, their experience in handling specialist cars further ensures their competence – they will know how best to fix particular high-value vehicles and protect models in transit. 


Reputation: Competence is key when selecting a specialist vehicle transportation service. Before instructing a business, be sure to check their customer reviews and ask the team as many questions as you deem necessary to gauge their reputation and reliability. 


Why Choose BSM For Your Classic Car Transport Needs?


At BSM Car Transport, our team’s extensive expertise in transport is owed to our courteous, discreet and diligent approach to handling all vehicles, making us one of London’s most sought-after services for transporting Classic Cars across the UK and Europe. Each of our reliable covered car transporters is fully insured and enclosed to offer our customers and their highly high-value vehicles the utmost protection and discretion in transit. 


The team at BSM Car Transport fall nothing short of excellent in the work they do, an attribute that has earned us the trust of some of the most influential car dealerships and prestigious vehicle owners there are. Our modern transit vehicles are fully flexible, enabling us to adapt to the individual requirements of our customers. Moreso, our drivers and accompanying staff are professionals in their field – equipped with expertise and experience in handling Prestige, Classic and Show Cars. 


BSM Car Transport is proud to be one of the industry’s most reputable transportation businesses, pioneers in the careful shipping of single, multi, and classic cars. Our considerable experience, combined with our expertise in shipment and meticulous approach to all projects, makes us second to none when looking to transport your Classic Car in the UK or overseas. Contact the team today to enquire further regarding our service or for your bespoke vehicle transportation quote.

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