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BSM Car Transport London offers a fully Enclosed Car Transport service and specialises in the secure, discreet, and safe movement of prestige, vintage, classic, and race cars throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

We pride ourselves in bringing a friendly, personal and professional service to the automotive industry and to private individuals.

Knowing the team

The team at BSM pride themselves on providing a competitively priced service without any compromise on quality. Client satisfaction and the safe transportation of your vehicle is our paramount interest. 

We believe that our service should be tailored to you, and BSM offers a fully flexible service to ensure that your transportation needs are met. 

Our team is committed to providing the highest levels of service as possible. Our success has been achieved through investing in our people and equipment. All of our team receive the highest level of training and our equipment is state of the art. 

What is more, you can count on our team for courtesy, professionalism and flexibility.

Our specialties

BSM are known for their specialism in the transportation of classic, vintage, prestige and sports cars. However, we also accommodate motorcycles, boats and yachts and any other kind of vehicles.

Our client base is formed of private individuals, prestige car dealerships and motorsport teams (alongside other automotive businesses). Our team has also worked closely alongside coach / home builders, restorers and trimmers to assist in complex transportation projects. To find out more about BSM, visit our about us page here.

Contact us for details 

BSM Car Transport are on hand to discuss your transportation requirements – our fully enclosed car trailers operate throughout the country. For Sterling Car Transport, BSM should be your first choice. 

Our team is available to visit in the office, or are contactable via email / phone. Visit our contact us page. 

You can also check the rest of our website if you want to know more about our Enclosed Car Transport services.

We are hoping to get your call anytime soon. You may also visit our office. You can also check our website if you want to know more about our enclosed car transport services.

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