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Shall I Sell Or Ship My Car?

It’s time to relocate. Driving to your destination is impossible. And the question arises: “Should I sell or ship my car?”

There is no easy answer. But we’re about to share the pros and cons of both options so you can make an informed decision.

Selling your car 

Selling your car and buying a new one at your destination may seem like a good idea. But there are some aspects to consider.


  • Opportunity to get a better car: Is your car old and in need of repairs or is it functional?  Can you get your car fixed for a reasonable price? If your vehicle barely runs and it’s not worth repairing, sell it and buy a new one. This is your opportunity to upgrade. 
  • Extra cash: Selling your car is a smart choice if your financial situation is tight. The extra cash can help you relocate. You can even set aside some money for a down payment on a new vehicle.
  • No car shipping costs: If you sell your car to buy a new one at your destination, you won’t have to pay the car shipping bill.

These are some of the advantages of selling your car. But there is an equal amount of disadvantages with the potential to become dealbreakers. 


  • Time-consuming: Selling a car yourself can be an exhausting activity. You’ll have to find potential buyers and negotiate with them. It may take days or even weeks. If you are to move in a couple of days, selling your car won’t be the best option.
  • Paperwork: Let’s face it! You may have to deal with requests from your new landlord and your employer before you move in. Filling more forms and sorting more paperwork related to the car sale will be a bit of a hassle.
  • Losing money: When you’re running out of time, it’s harder to negotiate in your favour. Buyers may sense your desperation and use their bargaining power. Often, car owners compromise on price to close the deal and move on with their lives. 

Shipping your car

If you don’t like the scenario of having strangers kicking your tyres and bargaining with you for weeks, perhaps shipping your car is a better decision.


  • A more affordable option: The idea of selling your vehicle to buy a new one can backfire and cost you more money than you’d planned. Shipping your vehicle with a professional car transportation company is a reasonable option that guarantees quality service.
  • Safe service: Professional car transportation companies like BSM Car Transport have experienced drivers and staff that guarantee the safety of your vehicle. BSM Car Transport has a fully-insured fleet so that your car is fully protected whilst in transit.
  • Waste no time: There’s no need to spend your time searching for and negotiating with potential buyers. Focus on travelling to your destination and getting settled into your new home. The shipping company will handle the rest. Your car will be on time at your door. 

But you must be aware of the following issues.


  • Falling for a scam: Beware of companies that seem too good to be true, ask you to transfer money quickly, and don’t have clear contact information. Unfortunately, there are some scammers out there. Make sure you choose a reputable business.
  • Potential delays: This is a possible inconvenience if you hire the wrong car shipping company. Professional car transport companies will give you a delivery window and meet your expectations.

As you can see, both options have advantages and disadvantages. Selling your car may be a good option if you want to buy a new one. But it’s stressful and time-consuming. Shipping is the most sensible decision if you’re in a hurry. Also, if you have a vintage or luxury vehicle, shipping will guarantee the security of your asset.

Are you looking for a reliable car transportation business? Contact us today. 

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