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Multi Covered Car Transport

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BSM Car Transportation Limited

BSM Car Transportation Limited

Enclosed Car Transport Service

Our enclosed car transport service ensures that your car arrives securely, discreetly and without the risk of damage.

Understands the importance of a Car Transport service that can deliver your car safely and on time.

Our enclosed car transport service ensures that your car arrives securely, discreetly and without the risk of damage. BSM offers a reliable single car transport service. With our fleet of over 50 transporters, we are able to service prestige car dealerships, private individuals and other businesses in the automotive industry. We operate a discreet and efficient service and have a proven track record of reliability. Our clients entrust us with their assets due to our cost effective service with no compromise on quality.

Why should you trust usfor your transportation needs?

BSM Car Transport Limited is not your ordinary vehicle transportation company. We are not just in demand in London, but all over Europe as well. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why we have gained this reputation—and you will love them too.

First of all, our covered car transport company is not just licensed, but we are also insured. This means that whatever happens, your vehicles are secured in our hands. You will not lose a dime.

Our team members are all highly trained to perform excellent service—and they are friendly too. They are also uniformed, so you will recognise them easily.

We also have new, reliable, and safe facilities that can guarantee protection and best care for your cars. Of course, our vehicles are branded, clean, and well maintained.

Last but not the least, we can accommodate last minute availability since we have a lot of available equipment. Moreover, in any normal circumstances, you can choose the time and date for the delivery and collection of your vehicles.

We fully understand that car businesses require car delivery as soon as possible—and at the cheapest rate possible.

With BSM Car Transport Limited, you can save and be efficient, since our regular clients get discounts every time they use our enclosed auto transport service. You can take advantage of this great deal too.

Whether you need single vehicle or multi-vehicle covered car transport, BSM is always ready to give you assistance. We deliver cars not just to different parts of London, but even to outside cities and other places in Europe.

BSM Transportation Team

Enclosed Car Transport Service

We are always looking to expand our customer base and build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. If you are looking for a reliable transportation partner, contact BSM today

If you want to learn more about our services, contact our office via email or telephone. You are also able to visit our London office and we can discuss your transportation project. 

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