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How To Safely Transport Your Luxury Car

When you need a recent purchase or a current luxury car transported from one place to another it is important that you take the right steps to ensure it goes smoothly. Having a service that provides a flawless move with professional drivers who have multiple years of experience along with high quality training on every type of vehicle. They will also have the correct insurance to carry your car to ensure the whole process is completed in a safe way. 

Discussing the initial processes

When you are considering moving your luxury vehicle, it is best to contact the transport company to ensure that they understand the route of any issues that could occur through the journey such as a tight driveway or lane to get to the destination. In addition, consult with them to ensure that they are aware of the type of car they are transporting and anything they need to know about for example that the lock does not work or the gear box being stiff could help them.

Depending on the car and the situation it is time to discuss what mode of transport they will be taking such as a single covered car transporter or shipping by air or sea. You may prefer a certain way of moving the car, such as a singular method so your car is the only priority.

Land transport

When you input your car brand and model, measurements will be taken to ensure the right transport method is used so it is a personalised experience to you. Door to door services are a great way if you are looking for the ease of not needing to collect your car from a specific place. Whereas there is another option of picking it up and collecting your car from a designated location. 

An enclosed transporter protects your car of any chips from stones or twigs that are flying through the air throughout its journey. If you are looking to move a luxury, expensive car then the enclosed option is the perfect option for you as it will prevent any spillages of oil from above cars. An open transporter can be taken faster as more cars can fit on each unit so there could be an option can it could be transported earlier than the date if needed and if there is a spare space and can be a cheaper option if you are working to a budget.

Preparing for your luxury car transport

Ensure that you remove any belongings that are in the car as this will prevent anything from getting lost or damaged as these are often not insured. Often people forget to empty their documents from the glove box so do not forget to take these too!

To allow a smooth journey, it is best to check the battery, oil and tyre pressure levels when you are leaving the car so the transporters can move them to and from the units easily.
Talk to the company about the set of keys and how to use the modern features such as unsetting the alarm and any special features as some cars can behave very unusually when being moved on a unit.

Forward planning is the best way to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Once in the hands of the BSM staff, your luxury car will travel to your destination safely.