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How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Car in the UK?

Towing a car from one place to another involves many reasons. It can be due to battery failure, shifting to a new place, and so on. The cost of transport services changes from place to place and according to various factors.

Normally, the cost of transporting a car is about 3 pounds per mile within 50 miles. If the distance increases above 50 miles, the cost of towing a car will reduce to 1 pound per mile. However, there are many things included in the total cost of transporting a car.

Why is it Necessary to Book Towing Services?

Towing an expensive car needs professional handling. You can book towing services because of the following advantages:

  • Safety of the Vehicles

Professionals will reduce the mental stress of car owners. They do not have to worry after giving their cars in professional hands. Apart from that, towing companies use safe carriers to tow your expensive cars. Your rich cars will remain safe from dust, pollutants, and rainwater.

  • Affordable in Price

To book a towing service is more reasonable than taking a car on your own. You have to give only certain charges before the delivery of the cars. A professional team of towing service will arrive at your spot and take away your car in the huge carriers or trucks. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for delivering your cars.

  • No Risk of Accidents

Towing services operate day and night in various parts of the country. The group of towing services takes your cars from one place to another without any risk. They do not damage any car or the part. Besides, towing services also reduce the risk of theft and accidents.

  • Timely Delivery of the Cars

The car can stop anytime in the middle of the road due to a flat tire or low battery. Towing services will help to solve these minor problems. Professionals will deliver the cars within a limited time. You will get the cars in good condition within a few hours.

How is the Cost of the Towing Service Calculated?

There are basic charges you have to pay to the towing team. Apart from that, there are some other charges such as:

Size of the Vehicle – If you have a small car or sedan, you will have to pay basic charges. But the cost will rise in case of towing an SUV or a huge truck. You might have to pay an extra 4 to 5 pounds for a larger vehicle.

Per Day Cost – There are some charges to pay after towing a vehicle. These charges are compulsory to pay as per the bylaws of the city.

The Distance of the Place – The next factor to consider is the distance of the place to tow a car. The cost decreases with an increase in distance.

Final Words

Towing service is one of the safest methods to deliver your cars within the specified time. It is also affordable in price.