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When talking about the best covered car transport service in the UK, nothing can beat BSM Car Transport Limited.

We are among the top and high standard vehicle transportation companies in the country and we are the most in demand.

A lot of car dealers partner with us to secure the delivery of their cars to the new owners.

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BSM Car Transport Limited is a company based in London that caters to vehicle transportation and car breakdown recovery. We are in demand all over the country because of our high performance covered car transport services.

The number of years that we have been leading in the industry is a big proof of this, and we take pride in this.

High calibre team

One of the secrets of the success of BSM Car Transport Limited is our team of professionals and experts. Everyone in the team is meticulous in doing our job and we work as one—no competition—and all for the best of our clients.

Our drivers and the rest of our personnel are also licensed to work in the United Kingdom. For this reason, we can transport vehicles to different parts of the country without the risk of running into legality problems.
We are also acknowledged even in many parts of Europe, so we can handle international shipping and deliveries as well.

Moreover, we constantly provide trainings and seminars for our drivers and employees to see to it that their knowledge about our business is increased. This way, we can offer up to date services which can lessen the risks and minimise the time and cost spent by our clients for vehicle transportation.
Of course, we always want the best service for you, because 100% customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal in the team.

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If you want to find out more about BSM Car Transport Limited, why don’t you look for and read reviews about our enclosed auto transport services? This way, you will know more about our company and how we handle our projects. You will also get an idea of how we can meet your transport needs.

You are always welcome to visit our office. You may contact us today via phone or email, so that we can schedule you for consultation, and we can give you a free and no-obligation quote. We would love to introduce our company and the best covered car transport services to you, personally.

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