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European Road Trip: BSM’s Best Destinations

BSM Car Transport is second to none when looking to transport your vehicle internationally using an enclosed transport service. Upon conversing with our prestigious range of clientele about their intentions for their car once it has been transported overseas, we have been exposed to an impressive range of routes and must-see sights! For this reason, BSM Car Transport is on hand to detail the most desirable destinations for a European Road Trip in your car!


European Road Trip Destinations


Whether you are looking for top tourist attractions or scenic routes to absorb the most of the varying European cultures, BSM Car Transport is on hand to help you plan the continental road trip of a lifetime. Following are the countries that the BSM Car Transport team most often ship our customers enclosed vehicles to: 




Abundant in lavish Châteaux’s and Champagne, France ought to be one of the first destinations on the itinerary of your exciting European road trip. From the City of Love to the gorgeous and prestigious coastline of the French Riviera, this country is second to none when looking for a diverse and authentic taste of European culture. 




Picture cruising along the coastline of the Mediterranean with the sun shining and your windows rolled down and the breeze flowing through your hair – there is nothing like embarking on a European road trip and venturing through the stunning scenery of Spain. This incredible overseas destination is among the most popular that BSM Car Transport ships vehicles to!




Whilst the undoubtedly delicious cuisine of the Italian culture is enough to convince individuals to visit; this country has much to offer beyond beautiful wines fresh from the vineyards, pasta and pizza dishes. The Italian Amalfi Coast is rich in incredible scenery and tourist attractions, thus making it one of the most desirable destinations to visit when venturing on the European adventure of a lifetime!





With historical sites in abundance and incredible villages rich in European architecture and authenticity, Germany is a must for your continental road trip itinerary! From fairytale castles and towns to the country’s dramatically influential history, what are you waiting for?


Why Choose BSM to Transport Your Car Overseas?


Visiting beautiful cities in Europe and venturing through the great roads of various beautiful countries has never been easier. BSM Car Transport is proud to extend its car transportation service beyond the UK to an extensive range of desirable European destinations. Our enclosed transportation service, combined with the extensive range of experience and industry expertise of the BSM team, guarantees the safety and security of your vehicle when in transit overseas.  


BSM Car Transport is on hand to assist with all of your enclosed vehicle transportation needs, both nationally and internationally. Offering transportation for single, multi and classic high-value cars, there is none other than BSM Car Transport when looking to ship your vehicle overseas for a road trip in Europe. To inquire further regarding any of the transportation services we offer and for your unique transportation quote, contact the team at BSM Car Transport today!

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