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Looking for a covered car transport company to deliver your car enclosed could be a daunting job.

Calling around to find an appropriate solution to this concern could leave you frustrated, because many enclosed car transport firms are not set up to provide satisfying customer service. Also, many are small operations which are not flexible enough to meet the needs of the clients.

Good thing, BSM Car Transport Limited is in London to provide vehicle transportation service that is easily accessible. Our team is hands on in the covered car transport services we offer. Therefore, our clients do not have a hard time contacting us.

BSM Car Transport Limited is the solution

When it comes to enclosed car transport and other vehicle transportation needs, BSM Car Transport Limited can be relied on.

Our team is composed of licensed and skilled members who are knowledgeable when it comes to the best vehicle transportation techniques. For this reason, we are confident that we can provide you satisfying customer service.
We are a company that does its best to be courteous and prompt, and provide clients with a wide variety of car transportation services.
We do not just act as a car transporter, but we also provide car recovery services, assist in vehicle breakdown, and even get rid of scrap cars.

BSM Car Transport Limited has the ability to work on all kinds of jobs, whether it is moving a small van or a motorcycle.  We are the vehicle firm that can certainly do it all with excellence.

Whether it is a car breakdown or you just need your newly bought car to be brought home, BSM is the solution. We have a bunch of knowledgeable dispatchers who are waiting to take your call.
They are available around the clock, and are willing to help whatever the situation is.

Best car care possible

Whenever our team is transporting a prestige car or even our clients’ favourite old four-wheels, we dedicatedly create a condition report with them and make a note of the circumstances about the vehicle.
Every vehicle goes through inspection before it is moved to make sure that no issues will come as a surprise after the delivery.  This also means that the car will get the best care it deserves.

Hire us now

No matter what the job is or the problem that needs solution, if you need vehicle assistance services see to it that we are your first call.

It is BSM’s goal to be the best covered car transport company not just in London and the UK, but even Europe.

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We are excited to have a chat with you about our covered car transport deals.

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