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Getting a covered car transport service for vintage and prestige cars and other vehicles needs to be considered with utmost care.

You would never hire a firm that is not reliable, right? Therefore, when it comes to automobilia transportation you should only entrust it to BSM Car Transport Limited.

Knowing London Automobilia Transportation Team

Any other covered auto transport firms could offer the cheapest, but not all of them can give the quality of service that you deserve. Our company aims to offer our clients a personal and customised car delivery with the minimum of fuss. We want to give our best to anybody who put their trust in us.

With BSM, you are guaranteed that you will get the most for the money you pay. Being among the market leaders with multi-car transporters, your car will be delivered to the destination securely. Moreover, you can count on us for professionalism, personal attention and time flexibility.

Our Expertise

BSM specialises in moving classic and vintage cars, automobilia, and motorcycles, because this is where our own passion lies.

Most of our clients are private folks, but we also handle car business transportation, race and rally cars and also individuals moving to a new home to whom we give a special deal.

Our enclosed auto transport team also works for other specialists like coach builders, restorers and trimmers who would want to concentrate on their own field and give less time to the transport.

Furthermore, whatever the reason is for moving your vehicle, we will treat you with the same priority. We can show you our references if you think you need that from us.

Do not Hesitate to Contact Us

BSM Car Transport Limited cares for you. Whatever your needs are, if you want to know how much it would cost you for a particular job or if you have questions, feel free to call us for a no obligation free quotation.

BSM utilises a computer software which helps us calculate correctly the distances covered for the transportation, so we can hand you the accurate rate before you hire us to do the job.

The only additional charges, if there would be any, would be toll charges we meet along the way, since we do not charge VAT to our clients.

We hope we can be of help to you. Call or visit our office anytime you need our assistance.
We will gladly do our best to provide you with the covered car transport services you need for your concern.

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