How Much Does it Cost to Tow a Car in the UK?

Towing a car from one place to another involves many reasons. It can be due to battery failure, shifting to a new place, and so on. The cost of towing services changes from place to place and according to various factors.

Normally, the cost of transporting a car is about 3 pounds per mile within 50 miles. If the distance increases above 50 miles, the cost of towing a car will reduce to 1 pound per mile. However, there are many things included in the total cost of transporting a car.

Why is it Necessary to Book Towing Services?

Towing an expensive car needs professional handling. You can book towing services because of the following advantages:

  • Safety of the Vehicles

Professionals will reduce the mental stress of car owners. They do not have to worry after giving their cars in professional hands. Apart from that, towing companies use safe carriers to tow your expensive cars. Your rich cars will remain safe from dust, pollutants, and rainwater.

  • Affordable in Price

To book a towing service is more reasonable than taking a car on your own. You have to give only certain charges before the delivery of the cars. A professional team of towing service will arrive at your spot and take away your car in the huge carriers or trucks. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for delivering your cars.

  • No Risk of Accidents

Towing services operate day and night in various parts of the country. The group of towing services takes your cars from one place to another without any risk. They do not damage any car or the part. Besides, towing services also reduce the risk of theft and accidents.

  • Timely Delivery of the Cars

The car can stop anytime in the middle of the road due to a flat tire or low battery. Towing services will help to solve these minor problems. Professionals will deliver the cars within a limited time. You will get the cars in good condition within a few hours.

How is the Cost of the Towing Service Calculated?

There are basic charges you have to pay to the towing team. Apart from that, there are some other charges such as:

Size of the Vehicle – If you have a small car or sedan, you will have to pay basic charges. But the cost will rise in case of towing an SUV or a huge truck. You might have to pay an extra 4 to 5 pounds for a larger vehicle.

Per Day Cost – There are some charges to pay after towing a vehicle. These charges are compulsory to pay as per the bylaws of the city.

The Distance of the Place – The next factor to consider is the distance of the place to tow a car. The cost decreases with an increase in distance.

Final Words

Towing service is one of the safest methods to deliver your cars within the specified time. It is also affordable in price.

Why Book Us for Premium Quality Car Transport and Towing Services

Moving to a new place is exciting as well as stressful. You need to plan a lot of things before shifting to a new place. Car transport is the major concern for car owners during the shifting process.

Now, you can hire our top-quality services for classic car transport UK. We are one of the leading car transport companies working in this field for 17 years. Our goal is to deliver every car at the right location without damage or scratches.

Transportation of High-Value Vehicles

We deliver a wide range of car models from one location to another. Whether it is a classic car or a new vehicle, we transport all the types of cars anywhere within the UK or abroad. Apart from that, we also undertake vintage car transportation for car owners. We work hard to deliver every car within the given time.

Highly Trained Staff

Our company selects an efficient and dedicated team for car transportation tasks. They have knowledge and skills in handling every type of car. Besides, they also follow social distancing norms and take safety measures while doing their work. Our smart team is well-known for giving the best quality towing services UK to every client.

Heavy-Duty Transporters

We use the advanced fleet of transporters to deliver every car safely. Our transporters are easy to use and do not leave scratches on vintage or expensive cars. Apart from that, our modern trucks can carry almost 6 cars at a time.

What are the Other Good Points About Hiring Our Company?

Our company has long experience in handling various types of cars. Besides, there are some more reasons to choose our services such as:

Enclosed Transporters – We choose the robust and latest transporters to carry cars from one place to another. Our transporters are closed from all the 4 sides. They protect the vehicles from pollutants, air particles, winds, and rainwater.

Car Breakdown Services – Our company also provides supreme quality car recovery services. We hire an efficient team to handle car issues. They arrive at one call and solve the problem of cars like replacing the car tyre or taking the car to the garage.

24*7 Transport Services – Our competent team works for the whole week. You can book our enclosed car transport services anytime. We try our best to give you the top-notch roadside assistance.

Get the Best Roadside Assistance for Your Royal Cars

Nothing is more irritating than a car breakdown on the highway. It often makes you nervous when your tires go flat or car glass breaks due to hit. The problem becomes worse if you have no assistance or towing service near to your spot.

Now, you don’t need to push your cars or wait for long for some help. You can choose car towing services in London for moving your vehicles from one city to another. These services operate between cities, states, and even countries.

What Do You Gain by Hiring Car Towing Services?

Ships All the Vehicles – Whether it is a car, bike or motorcycle, the towing company deliver all the types of vehicles. They deliver every vehicle safely in enclosed trucks and carriers. Apart from that, these companies ship all the vehicles to any place at the right time.

Insurance – Car transportation companies give insurance for all vehicles. Whether your car glass is broken or tires are damaged, the car transportation companies provide reimbursement for all the damages.

Roadside Recovery Service – You can also receive the services of van recovery in London by hiring car transportation companies. They will quickly arrive at the spot where your car faced the damage and carry your vehicles. The professional team comes with huge carriers to carry your private cars.

100% Protection to the Vehicles – Enclosed trucks can protect your expensive cars from pollutants, allergens, sunrays, and rainwater. Apart from that, these carriers move speedily and smoothly on the roads without damaging your vehicles. Furthermore, the professional team keeps all your cars in a stable position.

Additional Advantages of Hiring Car Transport Services

  • The group of vehicle transportation companies has a license to carry all the vehicles.
  • You have to pay fees only once to the professional team.
  • These professionals ship the vehicles at any place within the given time.

Book Today

It is very easy to search for companies on the internet offering the service of motorcycle transport in London. All you can do is visit the official sites of BSM Car Transport Ltd or social media pages to get more details.

Why Book the Professional Enclosed Car Transport Services

Driving expensive and exotic cars from one place to another can be extremely dangerous. You might face a car breakdown or a flat tire. It becomes very difficult to deal with such nerve-wracking situations.

The best way to safely transport your exotic cars is to hire enclosed car transport companies. Professionals know the right method to carry your rich cars from one place to another.

High-Quality Enclosed Car Carriers

Enclosed carriers are safe from all sides. They protect your classy cars from sunrays, rainwater, snow, and dust. Besides that, these carriers also maintain the color and shine of the vehicles without allowing debris to touch the.

100% Safety to Your Cars

Since a car is a costly asset, it is always recommended to take professional help to take it anywhere. There is always a hidden danger of stealing exotic cars. Hiring services of transport company in London will keep your car in a safe position. The powerful carriers safeguard your expensive vehicles from thieves and strangers.

Experienced Staff

Before sending your luxurious cars to transport, you always think about their safety. Well, you can book professional car transport services. They choose the well-trained and experienced staff for car transportation. Professionals will not let single thing to damage your costly vehicles.

Additional Benefits to Choose Enclosed Car Transport Companies

  •         You can free yourself from the stress of car transportation as a professional do it for you.
  •         Competent staff will transport your cars within a short time.
  •         You can receive the services of van recovery in case your vehicle like van stops in the middle of the way.
  •         It is necessary to show other documents and papers while selecting enclosed car transport services.
  •         You can get 24 /7 service by choosing the best enclosed car transport company


If you are looking for a car breakdown recovery company in London, just Google and choose the ones which have good reviews from the clients and have enough experience to handle the problems in every situation and come up with the best solutions.

How to Choose an Authentic Car Transport Company in Europe?

Every person needs to check all the details before hiring a covered vehicle transport company. Choosing the right car transport company will help to deliver your classic or modern car from one place to another. Things to Follow While Choosing the Right Car Transport Company 1. Check the Reviews Online These days it is not at all a tough job to get the official site of any company. You need to go to any popular search engine and type the name of the car transport company. The official site will show you the reviews and comments of the previous customers. It would be easier for you then to choose the company on the basis of rating. Besides that, you can ask your relatives or neighbors about the quality of services of these companies. 2. Delivery Times The most important thing for a customer is his/her car. In many cases, the customers might want their vehicles within 1 to 2 days while some others want at a later point in time. Choosing a car transport company depends on the need of the customers. If you want the cars within a few days, you must select the company according to your needs. 3. Cost of the Service It is obvious that you will compare the prices of different car transport companies before finalizing anyone. Low cost does not always mean better quality of services. Similarly, it is also not necessary that paying heavy charges will keep your car in a secure position. You should compare the prices of different companies and then choose the one that delivers the best services. You might find that some companies charge more but give high-quality services as well. 4. Experience of the Staff The employees of a classic car transport company has many years of experience in taking cars from one state to another state. They will handle the rare cars in an excellent manner to save them from damage 5. Delivery at the Right Time and Pace Picking the car transport company in London will give you the car at the right time and place. They send your vehicles in good condition wherever you want.

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